Tuesday, November 22, 2005

cleaned the shower

Actually I shouldn't put that in the past tense as I still have to do the sliding door, which is rank and teeming with toxic scum. But I went over the shower with a hard bristle brush and plenty of Gumption and it felt pretty good to do it.

'Thats me kid' is on the bus stop outside the Jacana primary school, and represents to me the epitome of Jacana humour - understated, wry and no dicks drawn on (yet). Speaking of which I had a long discussion with Mia about the graffiti on the fences facing the park near the Rotary barbecue that says 'Meadow Heights Suck Dick'. I believe that the writer has written 'suck' not 'sucks' because s/he is trying to agree with a plural (Heights). Mia says that there is an implied [the people of] Meadow Heights' . Either way it's troublesome.


danny said...

Doesn't the "suck" as opposed to "sucks"make it an imperative rather than a statement of fact, implying that the writer has the power to make Meadow Heights suck?

Laura said...

Meadow Heights is not that bad.

David said...

Danny: that would be 'Meadow Heights: Suck dick!'

Laura: I agree, I like Meadow Heights actually. I go there periodically to buy borek and Turkish CDs. I should have added that in my opinion Meadow Heights neither sucks nor suck dick.