Saturday, December 17, 2016

even LC is a target

This from my 'stats' section. Seems to indicate (I have no time to go into the detail) that 'the Russians' read my blog more than any other country including Australia. (I have Chinese readers as well, apparently, but less than Australia). No Africans come here, no New Zealanders for that matter. But 'the Russians' are heavily involved.

So just wanted to let you know that I would actually almost certainly give up my password for this blog under torture, but probably not for money, but probably neither of those will be necessary, as it's probably incredibly hackable, but not sure in what way it could be at all valuable to anyone at all, but somewhere in my cortex I am having trouble joking about it, because of what's happened in the US, I am kind of befuddled in there somewhere.

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