Tuesday, October 11, 2016

100 reviews # 11 Mount Trout EP on Rough Skies

I am sure this has happened to you – sometimes, probably very occasionally (i.e. every couple of years) you’ll hear a record that you feel completely aligns with your tastes and interests, something you had hitherto no experience of or knowledge about, and you’ll have a range of positive responses. Right? I hope so for your sake.

Wouldn’t it be funny if I then said ‘But, yeah, this ain’t one of those moments’.

Actually it is. I have had a good solid selection of varied musical experiences this year as a consumer, from bland europop in Polish shops to extraordinary synth rock in a Finnish bar and plenty of great Melbourne/Australian bands as well of course. But this kind of takes the cake for me in 2016 (so far. I hope it gets better but could my tiny mind take it?!). I’ve always had a strong disposition towards controlled shambling, and this Tasmanian boy band nails that, with two tiny instrumentals and two polished new wave songs that could or would have been underground hits in, you know, 1979.

I'll keep listening to this record, if I have anything more intelligent to say than 'I really like it', I'll let you know.

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