Wednesday, February 05, 2014

midnight espresso

This is the cafe I’ve come to three days in a row in Wellington now. It is Midnight Espresso in Cuba st near I think Vivian (or some similar name). I gather it is iconic. Coffee is cheap ($2.50 for pretty good). I am tossing up constantly whether to buy the t-shirt or not. Upside: I need a t-shirt, or some kind of a shirt, to wear tomorrow as I have run out of clean clothes. Downside: it’s fairly exy, it seems like a slightly outre way to be a tourist. Upside: It’s not a terrible t-shirt. Downside: do I need more t-shirts in the scheme of things? No, only tomorrow. And I am really phasing myself out of t-shirt world. Plus Slow Boat Records, over the road, have a pretty good t-shirt too, and it’s half the price. 
I didn’t do a proper survey record of Cuba Street eight years ago when I was last in Wellington but I have a feeling it’s gone a lot more upmarket, and not in a great way. A lot of clothes stores. But Wellington does have a huge amount of bookshops, which is refreshing. It’s like Melbourne 18 months ago in that regard. 
It’s 21 degrees today (61 in Melbourne) but the humidity is high, which means you feel comfortable walking around and then you suddenly are drenched in sweat (you not me. Never happens to me). 

It’s the last day of the conference which means field trip this afternoon and back to Melbourne tomorrow. All works out for me. Although I was THOROUGHLY PISSED OFF to go down to the National Library before 9 this morning to complete my registration as a user (library user), to be told that while the library opens at 8:30 am, the LIBRARY library doesn’t open till 10!!! 


dfv said...

Unless I read it wrongly, your mention of t-shirt phase-out is quite a cack. Or are you talking about band / logo t shirts only? Is this a dressing my age thing or a skin cancer preventative?

The reason I'm amused is because my wife is making occasional comments about my overdressing recently and I'm a couple of years younger than you.

AB said...

Did ME have any specials for Waitangi Day?