Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I was stalked by a drone in Jacana reserve on Sunday, it was pretty interesting. I know this picture won't show you anything really.
Unless you can actually see there are two men on the hill, with a car with the hatchback with its back open, and the little drone up above the house to the right. 

It was interesting mainly because of the scale of it. I still don't really know what size it was. It certainly wasn't stealthy, in fact if it hadn't been so noisy I probably wouldn't have known it was so close, and small, rather than far away and big. These guys were clearly operating it, and in fact they went over my head - probably figuring I was an interesting feature on the landscape or something. 

They left shortly afterwards. 

Seems a shame not to use this opportunity to publish these very nice pictures of Ferdy and Barry from almost exactly the same time. They weren't afraid of no drone. 

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