Thursday, December 12, 2013

dogs like to walk

The last week has seen many trips to the park with Barry and Ferdinand, almost always a 3/4 hour walk around the wetlands. There is, at a guesstimate, equal measures fun and fraughtness, which is apparently not a word. The fraught part generally comes courtesy of Ferdinand who decides to for instance chase a bicycle or a running person or (worst case this week) run on to a cricket ground.

As summer comes on for real one is once again impressed by how quickly the Moonee Ponds Creek can dry up, and the vegetation surrounding it changes speedily too, of course. This week there are at least two frog species making themselves very audible and literally tonnes of birds too (as well as two hares, seen carousing recently - I put Barry on the lead as I just wasn't up for half an hour of him running panicked through the undergrowth following the trail of something so five minutes ago).

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