Wednesday, October 23, 2013

get it together

Yesterday, a 3:30 am wake up, and TOTALLY awake. This morning, a 4 am wake up and once again TOTALLY awake. This morning just before waking, I dreamt I was about to go on a tv show and be interviewed by Richard Wilkins and I was incredibly pleased with myself as I had a pristine black E Street windcheater to wear. I knew straight away that everyone on the show, and anyone who saw the show, would think I was extremely clever and important to own such a thing, and unbelievably witty to wear it in that context (what the context was, I can't really recall).

It has been a very intense few days at work with masters students giving thesis presentations. Without wishing to come across as... anything, although I could describe the two days (50 or so presentations, I think) as 'gruelling' to sit through, that is probably a misuse of that word and essentially the experience was once again a reminder that, while one might periodically be a little jaded about teaching/interaction with students (because of course most of the interactions are when something goes wrong), the experience can also often be marvellous and a lot of 'our' students are incredibly smart and interesting people. I won't tell them that though and don't you dare. They'll just want extra credit or something.

It was raining very heavily this morning when I went out to see the dogs. That seems to have stopped now and there are so many birds it's like a fake bird noise convention out there, with enthusiasts outdoing themselves to interrupt each other's bird noises. Still dark though.

Here are the dogs, not this morning in the dark though, but on Sunday afternoon. Ferdy looks a bit like a young Una Stubbs.

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