Friday, October 04, 2013

blood test

Art. Glenroy art.

This morning I had a blood test in Glenroy I got there just after 8 (SO FURIOUS when I discovered the place actually opened at 7, I was just twiddling my thumbs at home when I could have been dealing with this earlier) but Glenroy is such a grouse place I was very pleased to go and eat breakfast at one of my favourite cafes Silver Sage (under new management? Well, I didn't recognise any of the employees, but the fare was identical to previous years, luckily).

From my table I could see the post office. 

I learnt that comic books were no longer just for kids. Good to know. 

The one bummer on my brief Glenroy sojourn was the absolute FFS induced by the following shop which thankfully was not open: not since tomacco has anyone had an idea so beyond belief:

It's not even funny. It made me more determined in fact that 2014 should be my year of hunting down all smokers with a seltzer bottle.

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