Friday, June 07, 2013

forbidden planet

I was shocked to visit Forbidden Planet, which was such a mecca in my youthier days, and find that one of us had changed. They have so much stuff, and so little of it is for me. I noticed these people who look kind of cool and they are clearly some massive new phenomenon but I have no idea who they are or what it's about. In a few days I will probably want to appear like I'm all over it, I don't know. At present I don't get it. I must say the pull of seeing so much merch for something was pretty strong, I did almost buy something (fridge magnet, whatever) but restrained myself.
I was a little more perturbed to find that at FB anything that comes with a spine is a 'graphic novel', even if it doesn't have a linear narrative necessarily, and that 'indie' is a ridiculously fluid word that actually finds definition in what it is not (not Superman or Batman, I think). 
Anyway I'll get over it but it was a surprise - heaps and heaps of stuff but nothing that really thrilled me. Probably just my mood. 

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