Thursday, March 14, 2013

more thursday!

Write on your blog, they say. People that matter read that kind of thing, they say, and take notice. Yet here we are, despite my previous complaint, Thursday again. I thought this was a democracy.

Last night we went and saw Neil Young & Crazy Horse. It was an extraordinary show, with just the right amount of preconceived theatre, and just the right amount of what (what must surely have been) improvisation. Almost all of the recent album got a look in, which was great, I like that album a lot. A few gems from the back catalogue. 'Cortez the Killer' was particularly amazing, for what was left out and what was overlaid. Sensational drumming and he was just using hot rods for crying out loud! During one atonal workout some wit in the crowd yelled 'Yeah do it in your own time Neil' but really, no one who was even a passing fan of NY (&/or CH) could have felt that there was something better they could have been doing last night.

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Collegial chit chat charm said...

Forget Turdsday. When are you going to blog about "hump day"? If you're not consoling your colleagues with an "at least it's hump day" of a Wednesday, you're sharing the joy of Friday with a "TGIF" at the lifts, in the latrines, in the lecture theatre. Oh sorry perhaps I was thinking of Kevin Rudd.