Monday, March 11, 2013

I dreamt about Patti Newton*

It is getting later in the year, despite the appalling weather (over 30 degrees every day for weeks now). I am writing just before 7 am and it has not yet got light, which shouldn't surprise me but it does, a little. I dreamt last night that I was about 10 stories above Swanston Street, perhaps on a precipice, north of Latrobe Street. I saw a block away someone walking a ridiculous amount of dogs - probably about 30 of them - all in order of size, in a line. There was only one beagle. They did tricks in the middle of the street. Patti Newton lived in a Manhattan style apartment at ground level on the opposite side of the street, and I saw her leaving her home to do some errands. We had had some limited contact in the past, and I knew if we got to know each other we would be firm friends, but at this point I was not even sure she would remember me.

I am not sure why I would dream about Patti Newton, although she seems very nice.

* 13 March 2017 update I just noticed (because for no reason I can glean, this is one of the most popular posts on this blog and it's high in the stats) that somehow I had titled this post 'I dreamt about Patti Newtown'. I had to read the post again to make sure I wasn't making some wry Newtown-Newton joke, if such I think could be possible. Seems I wasn't. It was just a typo. So I fixed it.  


High apple pie in the sky said...

I guess it's about a deep desire to be the King of Moomba. Keep on pursuing those dreams.

Anthony said...

I dreamed I saw Patti Newton last night
Alive as you or me.
"But Patti", I said, "you've been ten years dead"
"I never died" said she,
"I never died" said she.

Anonymous said...

Who reminds you of Patti?

David said...

No-one reminds me of Patti, Anonymous (is this a leading question?). In the dream she was not the young woman pictured here in an image stolen from the SLV, but the mature sixtysomething that she is today. If I need to point it out, I will: it was not a sexy dream.

Me said...

Reminds me of carrie bickmore