Sunday, December 09, 2012

bad day

I was looking at posts from 2008 a while ago and wow, they are the halcyon days of this blog. Nothing even remotely as good happens now. There are some real classics there, not just me but the respondents, what a classy bunch. I guess they have all moved on. 

Today was a bad day as I broke the car door and haven't been able to find my keys for about 30 hours now. It occurred to me that perhaps shingles impaired one's cognitive function but I guess I was just looking for a scapegoat. Besides shingles feeds on your anger/angst/discomfort, so you can't let it get to you otherwise it grows. 

Hope you're well. 


I spend too much time with seniors and I'm here to help said...

Establish a memory spot within your piece of prime real estate. Use the kitchen room. Either a bowl on top of the fridge or table and always place your keys, wallet, mobe, mind and other things of value. Only problem is that you have to remember to collect said items from that place before leaving house. Dilemma.

Ideas above station said...

Comment moderation could be cramping the style of the use italics here, classy.