Tuesday, May 10, 2011

empire state numan

Once again facebook has to work harder to capture my essence,* as I would not cross the road to see Gary Numan, a performer who I have precisely no time for. I like the Human League (inc their fab new album) and electronic music of the late 70s-early 80s like John Foxx and the M2 bands, but GN always - even in 1980 - struck me as a tryhard cardboard cut out.
I am reminded of a discussion we had on Sunday about how kids today are adopting 80s fashions (and probably have been for some time) and once again I was compelled to remind myself that stuff looked ridiculous then - we (the people I then thought as 'we') all thought it was ridiculous, the haircuts and the overblown alienation guff which GN so excelled at. All I'm saying is, there was a lot of crap around in the 80s and many of us knew it. GN was farcical and ridiculous then, he was if not a one-hit wonder a very brief flash in the pan, and that video of his (was it for Cars?) where a long line of GNs parade down a keyboard seemed immensely, powerfully pathetic and weak in 1980, and now just looks preposterous.
And so I'm not going to go to his show, no.
* I'm pretty sure I've already given them a hand with this, by trying to eliminate this ad from my page and then answering the kwik kwiz about why I didn't want to know about Gary Numan recreating his 30 year old bad album, just like I did when that ludicrous Peter Hook show was in town and f-b kept bombarding me with guff about it.
(A few days later: although I don't want to see him trash whatever legacy he has in person for money - at least not in that sense - I did pick up his book about the Hacienda at Broady Plaza for five bucks, which seemed like a score. I'm looking forward to reading it).

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