Saturday, May 14, 2011

dragon, dentist, rain

I am not kidding I have been in situations in the last 3 days where each day I have heard commercial radio playing a classic 70s Dragon song - April Sun, Still in Love with You, Get that Jive if I remember rightly. Strange. I love Dragon as you may know.

I went to the dentist on Thursday am and had three fillings. It was entirely painless and barely uncomfortable, except for the itchiness. They put something on my face which got itchy underneath, and then later in probably unrelated news, when my face was still numb it got very itchy but I was unable to scratch it because it was numb.

It is raining I want to walk the dogs but I don't want to get wet. Aside from anything else I still have 5% of the cold I had a week ago.


Kathryn said...

Well four days ago I was playing several classic Dragon songs (in a row). If you had had the good fortune to be at my place, you would have heard them.

David said...