Sunday, March 13, 2011

two great songs that should be turned into one amazing song that would be so good it would kill the world

Except one has 'embedding disabled by request', so you'll have to open it in a separate browser then PLAY THEM TOGETHER. The other one is here.


Petticoats and Chrome said...

There is a nice cross-over between cool, kitch and quirky there.

What a shame they are recorded at different volumes, though even separately they are engaging.

Mr Lorraine Crescent, where does your expertise and ubiqitous knowledge end?

maximum gusset said...

Generally up his arse.

Petticoats and Chrome said...

Mr. Mealy Mouth,

I think you are just jealous. And what language! I have a lovely bar of Pears soap for you.

I think you should be braver and not be so anonymous next time.

You deserve a smack.