Sunday, March 27, 2011

i hope no-one ever hears me talking to the dogs

It is pretty embarrassing when I think about what I say to them, my only excuse is it's just drivel concocted to keep up a connection. I don't know if they like it or not, I don't even get a strong sense they like hearing their names. They know their names. For all I know it's stressful hearing your name when you're a dog and there's no clear action you can take to actually respond.


Ann O'Dyne said...

they're pack animals and look to you as the alpha-Dog. try watching the TV show of Cesar Milan - he is fantastic.

Petticoats and Chrome said...

I think they understand the intonation. I like your summation that it maintains a connection. I think it is like music, and how different sounds help you understand the interrelationship between the cognitive and how you feel.