Friday, July 03, 2009

i need a coffee

I hate both the sound of people saying 'I need a coffee' and the fact that I hate hearing it to the degree that I always have the same stock response, 'You don't NEED a coffee'. It goes down in my hate book (a chunky, inflexible thing) with 'I need a cigarette' and 'I need a(n alcoholic) drink'. I know, I know I'm a totally annoying cross between a pedant and a wowser but anyway... at the moment I need a coffee, inasmuch as, I am in an almost dream state, having not slept that well and then only had rooibos tea this morning because it's going to be a late night and I wanted to pace myself. Rooibos is actually a fantastic beverage, it is delicious and stimulating. But right now I need a coffee if I am going to get anything happening for the rest of the day. I have to (1) finish a 'revise and submit' article (2) get together my presentation slides and (3) finish compiling the reader for my 2nd semester course, which is actually all there, it just needs to be checked once more etc etc. I can't remember ever having a list with such a strong likelihood there in black and white and red of everything close to being crossed off. Along with needing a coffee, it makes me feel a little weak.

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spades of said...

I see what you did here.
The word verifucation is "tedly", I think that's a sign that I need to visit home.