Tuesday, July 01, 2008

by the way where are they now

People are stopping me in the street to discuss my sentimental post of last week re: things I remembered. They were particularly interested in my friends from that time, Felicity Provan and Mark Gurvitz. Where are they now? This is a good question. I saw Felicity Provan's name in a record by a jazz group called, if I remember correctly, Merry-go-round or maybe they just had a merry-go-round on the cover of their record and they were called Killing Massacre. From what I can gather she is a saxophonist and well-known and respected in her field. I don't know what happened to Mark Gurvitz, he was American and was only in Australia temporarily I think, until his parents tracked him down no, his parents were very nice and even glamorous as I recall, his mother made jelly oranges. So since he disappeared completely out of my life in 1972, I thought I should have a look for him on the internet and he may be a tv producer, or that might be someone else with his name. Anyway I feel about as creepy looking up old schoolfriends on the internet as I would if I were looking at the Anna Nicole clown video online, and I imagine it only compounds the problem by writing about it here.

Meanwhile, it rained like billy-o this morning at exactly 6:22, I know the time because that was when the train was meant to be pulling into Broady station but it didn't so we all got wet. I had a hankering for a donut upon landing at Melbourne Central but none were evident. I have to write a spoken word version of a conference paper today, and a seminar for a few weeks away, also see some students, and hopefully I will get to spend a bit of meaningful time with the 1924 volume of the South Yorke Peninsula Pioneer. There was a lot going on in SYP (as it's known) then, and it's my white man's burden to Tell Those Stories.


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