Saturday, August 17, 2019

For one second

I'm a great example of how easy it is to inhibit a technology user with the simplest of impediments. I think I mentioned previously how totes much of a drag it is getting in to update this blog because it's associated with an old email address I recklessly abandoned a few years ago. I never wanted to be the kind of person (i.e. practically everyone on earth) who abandoned their blog, and I am pretty sure I'd be much more of an updater if I didn't have to go through this two-minute rigmarole of getting from one preset gmail scenario to another. The previous post, by the way, was scheduled five or more years ago and would have shown up whatever happened.

So look it's super easy and also stupid to say 'I vow to henceforth update frequently' because that's meaningless but I miss blogging, indeed, the main thing I hate about blogging is, I still hate the word blog/blogging but that's OK really. I am somewhat freed by the fact that no-one on earth reads this shit now (there might be one or two people who have alerts scheduled who will be surprised to find I have posted this, and also, have to remember 'who' I 'am'). If I don't post again in the near future let me just update you to a situation of no real change: still living in Albion, not liking it that much, got a lot of work on, got at least one (co-edited) book coming out this year, another one (sole-authored) on track for next year, going overseas next month for five weeks, that in particular is cause enough to blog right. I'm not that excited about the o/s trip at this point but at least I don't have that stupid feeling I used to have of 'I have so much to do in Melbourne, I can't leave, what a drag' though that feeling still has a month or so to appear. We'll see.

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