Saturday, October 20, 2018

Martin Plaza's Andy's Chest (1994)

Who wouldn’t want to hear Martin Plaza daintily tripping through a small sample of Lou Reed songs, including one Velvet Underground song (‘Waiting for my man’, although here just called ‘Waiting’) and one ‘Songs for Drella’ track? YEAH EXACTLY. So MP does ‘Satellite of Love’, ‘Perfect Day’, etc – no ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ BUT WHY NOT and then he does not one but two versions of ‘I Love You Suzanne’ (in the middle of each side) a song so stupid even I could write it and also a version of that fucking ‘Women’ song which is surely the only song in the world worse than ‘I Love You Suzanne’ I mean WOW JUST WOW.
But wait! It gets just that little bit weirder. At the end of track 9, ‘Andy’s Chest’, MP says ‘that’s it’. But the last track, ‘My Salvation’, is a Martin Plaza original. Now, that could work if it was kind of sort of in the style of Lou Reed in some way, an homage, something. But it is not. It is not, in any sense. It’s a kind of free-forming dance number which, like INXS’ ‘Mediate’, is full of lazy rhymes, in this case around ‘salvation’ – you kind of want to say woah! AND THEN – it’s not even the last track! NOT EVEN! The last track is a hidden track without a name (I assume) which sounds kind of like ZZ Top jamming with Madness.

I am going to listen to this A LOT MORE.*

* PS After venting as per the above, I did, and I suddenly noticed all these great elements that I really enjoyed. I’ll be back

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