Monday, November 21, 2016

summer again

I was really hoping that with all the other crap going on we could miss summer this year, just put it off or maybe isolate it somewhere else so people who wanted it could go and have it in a particular place but not here. Apparently that's 'not how things work'. It's not even summer yet and yesterday was the first really hot day of the second half of 2016 - and even then, not really really hot, just enough to remind you that yes, that's what it's like. And of course the first day that it's really hot it's not oppressive, just annoying.

I belive in complaining. Today will be hot too, then a cool change, they say. I have been around the block enough to know that I should not necessarily believe everything 'they' say. 

New consumer products:

New Small World Experience album, I was privileged to get advance files for my iPod (can you believe I still think 'walkman' first then have to go to 'iPod' and they're both redundant! SWE are rarely different, usually the same, always excellent. This new one is called Soft Knocks and it is out 2017. Sensational. 

New Garry Disher - but you know, it's a month of the year, so of course there's a new Garry Disher. 

Peter Hook's book about New Order. No-one comes out of this one well, at all. Everything you always knew about behind-the-scenes at a big rock/pop band. They all hate each other, they are irrational and childish, blah blah. Huge amounts of money and time are wasted, and the outcome is diminishing returns in the product. Who can be arsed?! 

Ugh, men. Why do I bother. 

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