Saturday, January 03, 2015

what i learnt in 2014

1. The rental market in Melbourne is not just a license to print money, it is a license to punch you in the face until you give up all the rest of your money.
2. There are people I barely knew existed in 2013 who are actually great people, or at least, who were great people in 2014.
3. There is stuff called 'powdered greens' which people put on their food for extra, um, not sure.
4. The aeropress is the best way to make coffee at home.
5. There are people I reluctantly accepted as friends up until 2013 who I now happily acknowledge as, and who have shown themselves to be, just dicks.
6. I have a lot of resources.
7. Instinct by the Moles is a really great album. 

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