Friday, November 13, 2009

launceston strangeness

I am floating on an enormous, useless (because all the sides are the same colour, though it is at least keeping me buoyant on the cloud/dry ice/ mist water on which I float) rubik's cube. Sadly its colour is leeching out into the ether and my trousers have shrunk and my right foot has come off. Ah! Here is a man, emerging from the mist and smiling. Hopefully he will retrieve my spaghetti pot. Solved. Without talking to anyone in Melbourne.


lucy tartan said...

Speaking as someone in Melbourne, I would have a hard time knowing how to deal with a phonecall about that particular conglomeration of issues.

BwcaBrownie said...

lost in a sea of puzzles our hero's only hope is a wispy distant figure ... great agency work.

I loved Tasmania and would live there if I could. bruny island!