Wednesday, October 28, 2009

dub t f?

I must say when I first spied these vinyl LPs, most of them smashed up a bit, nailed to a board in the usual rubbish-to-be-collected pile out the front of my workplace, my first (primal) thought was 'It's a trap'. The only album I might have wanted, Kate Bush's The Kick Inside, was in pieces.* Some of the others were interestingly (?) those older, not graphite still vinyl but more brittle, less flexible LPs of the early 60s, classical labels. I didn't examine too closely in case someone hungry had a crossbow levelled at me.

* But I don't want it without a cover anyway. If I found it in the street, intact, or in an op shop for 50c - $5, I'd take it home.

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spades of said...

My copy has a scratch on side 1 that goes the entire radius from the outside in until wuthering heights where it stops.