Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I have a seminar to give on Wednesday so no forays today. Except I went to Turtola again to do my washing, because that's all travelling is, as I've probably already mentioned: it's just doing washing, constantly. Sucks in that regard.

Turtola - the K Market place there - is weird because there's no cafe. There's a subway, a Hesburger, a Koti pizza which ostensibly serves something they probably call coffee (khavi), but no cafe. It's like, don't come here and hang around or meet friends or anything: you're here to shop.

I kind of like it, but it's annoying too because I wanted coffee. That's the other thing travelling is, aside from washing, it's looking for places to get coffee (drinkable).

 'Rapea' is bad enough but 'Uutuus' just sounds awful

This is me reading Kirby's Concise History of Finland in the laundromat (I was eating some good nuts, too)

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