Thursday, April 02, 2009

that old stuffed polar bear with a sprinkler on skis schtick

My other Polish fave is Skaldowie. I have this song on an album but it is not so frenetic and - surely I'm wrong but it sounds like it - scrambled at the beginning.
I have heard this song too but I don't know where. Bus conducting was obviously a glam job at the time. Compare with No To Co's organ grinder in the courtyard and the chicks they rustled up to watch them and then Skaldowie's. Skaldowie were plainly Poland's answer to sex.

There is a curious insertion, unexplained on YouTube, in this clip which I am guessing is the woman in the video seeing it again umpteen years later, still upset over the failure of the gently humorous 'follow the bow with my hand in front of the camera' trick of the guy who sat down in front.

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