Friday, January 04, 2008

totally insanely great song of half my life ago

I love this record, I have it as a 12"


Ginger said...

So excellent. Film clip is also great - I love the paint motif and also the hot grim reaper girls. Or perhaps they've caught him with their rope, cause he's falling, and he's subsequently discovered that to be caught is also to be constrained. A lot to ponder.

yetmorebias said...

sheeesh, i have this 12" too but for some reason i never felt safe enough to admit that. thank you for letting me come clean: i guess that is what i appreciate about your b.l.o.g. (i also have the send me an angel 12" but after about 2 listens it is far too histrionic for anyone other than a frankie goes to hollywood fan, and perhaps that is what i should not be admitting).

David said...

Ginger, they can tie us up all they like, but they can't tie up our pondering mind. RIchard,in my memory Send me an angel mashes up with Sweet dreams are made of this. Whatever, I don't think it's half the song Catch me I'm falling is. FGTH definitely had some moments, though I've never actually listened to their albums.